Important factors about fetal alcohol syndrome

In the present world, people are not leading a proper life style. More than the health, they are giving preference to their fun and enjoyment. As a result, they will face many problems in the future. Most of the people are addicted to smoking and consuming alcohol. Even they know that it affects their body severely, they do not care about such things. They are doing it in their regular routine.  Particularly in the recent days, many women started to follow such bad habits. Many of them are smoking and drinking alcohol. They must be aware of the consequences for their immoral activities. Pregnant women who drinks alcohol must the fetal alcohol syndrome facts

What is fetal Alcohol syndrome?

If a woman drinks alcohol while she is pregnant, it affects the baby and it will be born with the fetal alcohol syndrome. This syndrome is generally defined a disorder and it may be mild or severe. This issue can cause birth defects to a baby either in physical or mental wise. It is very danger to consume alcohol during pregnancy. When it enters the body of a pregnant woman, it will pass through the placenta and reach the fetus. It will block the essential nutrition and oxygen supplied to the fetus and the important organs. It can be predicted in the time before the delivery of the baby.

Most of the women are not aware of the problem after the baby’s birth. Therefore they will not take the needed steps to solve the difficulty. Some of the symptoms of this issue are given below:

  • The baby maybe born with small head.
  • There may be a small ridge in the place of upper lips and nose.
  • Baby may have small and wide eyes
  • Otherwise it may have some abnormal facial features.
  • The height and weight of the baby will be less than the normal level.
  • The baby may face problems in the vision and hearing capability.
  • It will not have proper concentration and will lack in learning things.

Likewise there are many fetal alcohol syndrome facts that all the pregnant women must know.

How it can be treated?

If the parents notice the above mentioned disorders with their baby, then they must immediately visit the doctor. They have to take the needed actions to solve the problem. There is no specific treatment for this issue but some of the symptoms are curable and the doctors will suggest after examine the baby’s health.  Some of those treatments are follows:

  • Using some antidepressants may treat the issues related to the sadness and lack of enthusiasm.
  • Similarly there are some medications which can be used to improve the focus and other manners problems.
  • Generally those children will have aggression and anxiety. It can be treated by using neuroleptics with the doctor’s guidance.
  • Otherwise the drugs used for the anti-anxiety can also be preferred.

These are the possible treatments for this syndrome and those children have to be take care by the parents.